Climate Change has today confirmed that it will continue on its promise to make the Weather Great Again despite the insistence from some it has no right to do so.

“Donald Trump is fake news. He’s a story made up by the Chinese to try to prevent the Climate from changing” insisted Irma, a loyal Climate Change fanatic who is currently on her way to Florida after a brief stop-over in the Caribbean.

“I see no reason to pay any heed to these stories” she continued “and I for one will stick with my plans to carry out my Tropical Cycloning work in and around the Alantic region. If I accepted the existence of Donald Trump then I would be forced to live a life of only being Category 3 or something pathetic like that.

Why should I have to slow my wind down to under 130 miles per hour just because Religious and Oil Executive consensus claim that Donald Trump is a fact? My mate Harvey and I were talking in the pub before he left for Texas and he reckons that Donald Trump is nonsense. If he existed, we’d all have really good jobs and gold-plated apartments. That’s good enough evidence for me”

While there appears to be some substantive evidence that Donald Trump exists opinion in the global scientific community is overwhelming.

“We’ve seen Donald Trump, but that doesn’t make him a real person, let alone an actual US president. It’s amazing what can be done with photoshop, a potato and some orange paint.”