Following the snap election in June this year, one surprise package to emerge from the results was the coalition between the Conservatives and the DUP, of Northern Ireland.

The Irish right-wing party are known to have some very traditionalist views and were the cause of controversy when Theresa May agreed to hand them two billion pounds funding. Now the DUP have their sights set on the education system.

The party, led by Arlene Foster, are now seeking to flex their political muscle, pushing boundaries, by making more requests of the current Tory government.

A DUP spokesperson told the Herald; “We are a very modern party and we speak for the people. When we see children being forced to accept lies like evolution, it sickens us. It is our responsibility to protect them, so as we cannot stop, so-called, ‘science’ being taught in schools, we do want it recognised for what it is; ‘magic’. This is not too much to ask”.

The latest demand has so far drawn no reply from number ten, but it is believed that the Prime Minister is seriously considering the move.

There has been a legion of support for the move though, as it would spark pupil’s interest in the subject of science again.

Critics have said that this is pandering to the loons, who have little real to say on matters. Adding further that a shift this monumental would mean reconsidering women’s rights, laws against homosexuality and hanging for crimes such as impersonating a Chelsea pensioner. One request granted is likely to lead to many more, each one more interesting than the last.

This latest fiasco will no doubt be a welcome distraction for Prime Minister Theresa May. Recently, she has been shambling through the Brexit negotiations about as successfully as Peter Weller at the beginning of Robocop.