The Royal Society of British Meteorologists have blamed the wet August on Apple increasing cloud storage.

Speaking before a select parliamentary committee investigating why this August has been so miserable, meteorologist Dr Cumulus pointed the finger firmly at the tech giant and their continual expansion over people’s heads.

“Apple need to stop.” Dr Cumulus stated. “If they keep increasing the amount of data people can store in the cloud you can stop worrying about global warming and start worrying about never seeing a blue sky again.”

The weather scientist went on to predict industrialised nations have a maximum of one year before the amount of material stored in the cloud reaches a critical mass of never ending rain.

The Rochdale Herald contacted Apple for a response to the meteorologist’s accusation and someone claiming to work for the company replied.

“It’s not our fault. Weather forecasters are always predicting rain.” Ms Apple responded.

“The amount of forecasters doing this has grown year on year with the number of subscription television services. There’s now almost no moment of the day when someone somewhere isn’t predicting rain. Add that to the amount of amateurs at it on social media and it’s no surprise August is a wash out.”

Asked for his response to Apple’s retort Dr Cumulus was not initially pliant.

“That is not plausible and Apple know it. It’s a bit rich to blame meteorologists. I can remember a day in early 1976 when I forecast rain and it was sunny. So Apple’s counter accusation is little better than what you’d expect from a massive corporation.”

But asked about the tech giant suggesting social media users were also a contributing factor the Doctor was more pliant.

“That stacks up like a good pile of nimbus.” The Doctor agreed. “People are storing a lot of incredibly wet material in the cloud over their heads.”