This week brought the news that British Gas are set to raise their prices again, effecting millions of loyal customers.

This move will likely see many poor and vulnerable homeowners left with difficult choices, as the cost of heating their households becomes less manageable. However, they are not the only ones to have been upset and caught off-guard by the outrageous money-grab.

High street retailers of household goods have been fuming at the decision for a very different reason. The increase in costs for gas means that many people are choosing not to have the heating on, when it is needed, leaving their homes much chillier. People can adjust to these temperatures by simply wearing more layers, but it does mean that there is now little need for a once essential item; the refrigerator.

The sales of refrigerators are nose-diving, becoming an indirect victim, following the shock cost adjustment. The homes of many are now easily cold enough to keep food products fresher, without the need for the large cold storage unit taking up space. Many have taken to keeping their favourite snacks handy in the living room, or bedroom, with the kitchen purely for the preparation of meals.

A spokesperson for a top electrical retailer told the Herald; “The greed of this massive company has cost us dearly, not just us, but our competition. It has really impacted society”. We asked if there were any products that have seen a boost from this decision, “The sale of indoor barbecues is through the roof, but it does not make up for the loss of the fridges”, the representative replied.

It seems like although this move has left us all shivering, at least we can look forward to cooking sausages in our living rooms.