As President Trump, leader of the free world, announced that transgender citizens would no longer be allowed to serve the U.S. Armed forces in any capacity emotion swept the community. 

Many people vented their anger or bemusement toward the decision on social media believing that transgender people are indeed people too.

However among those effected by the shift in recruitment policy was Marizanna Hartwell, as a transgender lady, who was contemplating a career in the army. Marizanna told the Herald. 

“I was talking to people about it, looking forward to helping and serving my country and they were very supportive. The only problem was, if I died, it would be for one of Trump’s insane murder sprees. I am so glad I don’t have to make that difficult choice now he has made it for me.”

We asked Marizanna if the views were representative of the transgender community. She replied, “Yes, most definitely! We all want to do our part too, but it is so conflicting when you represent a brutal Dictator. The community as a whole are so relieved he made this choice for us”.

The Rochdale Herald spoke to a White House official who revealed, “The President has a plan. He wanted a backup, in case he was drafted again. He believes he will be again some day because “nobody knows more about war” [than him], but he is a very busy man. He also insists on keeping transgender people safe because he supports them bigly and appreciates their support in return”.

As this contentious issue rages on, it seems that controversy is never far away from The President, but this time he claims to have a very noble reason for his seemingly outrageous discrimination.