Justin Bieber has cancelled the remainder of his world tour after 1.4bn Chinese people demanded it.

A publicist told us, “Premature endings are always disappointing. I can attest to that. This has been a long hard tour which was due to climax in the worlds most populace country. It now won’t, but when 1.4bn people demand you stop. You stop. Justin is fulfilling his fans wishes.”

Some have speculated that this could be a sign that Biebers popularity is on the wane. This seemed to be borne out on the streets of Rochdale today.

One fan told us, “I don’t listen to Beiber. He’s for 12 year olds. I’m 12 1/2 now so I’m into Liam Payne.”

10 year old Emily Smart said, “Beiber is well old. He’s like, older than my dad.”

One music commentator told us, “Justin has a problem that all boy bands suffer. His old fans are growing up. Many are taking their GCSE’s over the next two years. Many of these fans want more lyrical complexity that they can relate to in their lives. Acts such as Rhianna and Pitbull for instance.

To younger potential fans he has started to resemble a parent or other relative. For many youngsters Beiber increasingly looks like a dodgy uncle who serenades them at weddings.”

Some are not so happy about the change. 44 year old Martin Williams said, “I haven’t spent £120 on Beiber tickets for his next tour. We’re going even if I’m dead and the kids have to carry my decomposing corpse to the seat.”

Harvey Brian 52, told us, “I’d planned to go to the concert with my kids and use the time to do staff appraisals. I’ll have to do it at home now.”