Donald Trump mounted a sustained attack on the media during a fiery and at times chaotic news conference today, aggressively denying that Donald Trump jnr actually exists and calling him ‘fake’.

Furthermore he said this individual, that actually no-one had ever heard of and there was not even any proof that he had ever even existed, had no links to his administration and branded the gathered media ‘dishonest purveyors of very fake news’.

The US President, reeling from unflattering coverage of yet another awful week in the Oval Office, accused the press of deliberately misleading the public about his ties to his son, who by the way, doesn’t exist. He’s never even heard of him.

In a speech reminiscent of his election campaign rhetoric, the firebrand Republican insisted that Ivanka Trump is ‘real’, but Donald Trump jnr is ‘fake’.

‘Well the Ivanka is real. You’re the one that wrote about her and reported her, I mean she is real,’ he said. ‘You know what they said, you saw it and Ivanka is absolutely real. Donald Trump jnr is fake because so much of the news is fake.’

Asked by one reporter, ‘If Donald Trump jnr doesn’t exist, exactly who was it that you threw under the bus yesterday by making him publish self-incriminating evidence?’

Mr Trump replied ‘There is nobody I have more respect for, well maybe a little bit, than reporters, good reporters. It’s very important to me, especially in this position, it’s very important. But you, Sir, can lick my donkey balls’.