Local TV producer and sound editor has expressed ‘exasperation’ in his struggle to find exactly the right song by seminal German synth pioneers to accompany cycling segment. 

Quentin Otters-Flange of Rochdale based Hot Pot Productions told us this afternoon: “I’m doing this little segment on the Tour De France and I just need to find a suitable piece of music to accompany a two minute bit we’re doing of lots of men on bicycles cycling down the road all at once that really captures the excitement of watching lots of men on bicycles all cycling down the road at once”.

“Normally all that cycling stuff bores me shitless, but seeing Mark Cavendish get elbowed right in the face by Carl Sagan yesterday was really really exciting. Unfortunately, this bit doesn’t have any graphic injuries in it, it’s all just cycling” he added.

“I’ve always been a really big fan of hugely influential German synth pop pioneers Kraftwerk, so ideally I’m looking to use something along those lines as a piece of accompanying music” he continued. “It doesn’t have to be by them necessarily, but that’s the kind of stylish electronic vibe I’m after. I had thought of using Trans Europe Express by Kraftwerk, but it just didn’t feel quite right. I also tried mixing in Autobahn by Kraftwerk, but again, it just didn’t scream ‘Tour De France’ to me.”

I’ve also experimented with The Model by Kraftwerk, and Radioactivity, also by Kraftwerk. There’s another song by Kraftwerk I really like, The Man Machine, but I’m thinking of using that for a bit about the anniversary of Lady Di’s funeral we’re doing in a few weeks. Other ideas I’ve pitched up to now include Computer Love, by Kraftwerk, and an early song by the band Kraftwerk that I’m really fond of called Ruckzuck”.

“Oh, and Pocket Calculator by Kraftwerk” he added. “And The Robots”. He went on to say. “By Kraftwerk”.

“To be honest, the deadline is this afternoon” he told us. “I’ll most probably just phone it in and do what every other crappy, unimaginative sound editor in the business does whenever the Tour De France is on, and just use Lick My Decals Off by Captain Beefheart” he concluded.