Panic has hit the streets of Rochdale today as a unidentified glowing hot yellow glowing orb has appeared in the sky.

Terrified Rochdale residents yesterday reported sightings of a glowing ball giving off immense heat and the whole sky turning a really strange colour.

Eyewitness Sunny Grimweather, told the Herald: “This was like nothing I have ever seen. The normal grey fluffiness disappeared entirely and the sky went all blue. I kid you not! Blue!!”

“Then there was this horrible hot glowing yellow ball. I couldn’t stop staring and now I’m blind.”

Ill effects were felt by victims of the strange event throughout the day. Reginald Futtbolter, a local bricklayer, was admitted to hospital having turned the colour of beetroot after working under the heat of the glowing orb all day.

Religious groups proclaimed it to be fire, brimstone, and the coming of the Apocalypse and issued a warning to prepare for the end-times. The Herald has also received unconfirmed reports that ISIS have claimed responsibility.

Rochdale council warned locals not to venture out into the heat until the cause of the phenomenon had been established.

Experts, however, assured the public not to worry. They are 99% sure it’s not grim death tumbling towards Earth but actually a well documented phenomenon not seen on Britain’s shores for years, a hot day.

Other strange events reported to the Herald included the sudden urge for people to have barbecues and wear shorts, clothing not seen in Rochdale since 1974.