After the snap, crackle and pop election called by Theresa May has resulted in a hung parliament, it’s clear that the repercussions reach further than the political world. So far indeed that the UK has been disqualified from the “piss up in a brewery” world championship.

The financial markets have been affected and now the events of Thursday have had unseen ramifications.

The organizers of the World Piss Up in a brewery tournament have made a statement. Dr James Kneesup told a press conference:

“There’s no way that UK can field a team in the next world championship judging by it’s current performance. If they can’t reach an outcome after six weeks of campaigning to vote in an archaic system desperately in need of reform, then I don’t believe they can take part in our contest.

It would be an omnishambles of immense proportions.

Judging by what the Prime Minister is planning, there would be people mixing guiness and blue wkd all over the shop.

Which is a recipe for disaster, there would be people vomiting everywhere, we’d be cleaning the mess up for years and would hamper the scheduling. Unless there is an organised team soon, the tournament will move on without them.”