Donald Trump has today been credited with restoring America’s faith in Bush.

Dwayne Dwight of Alabama told the Herald “I was big into Bush in the 80’s.
I couldn’t get enough. Then in the 90’s I fell out of faith with it but in
the early naughties I was back to being a Bush man.”

Following recent Washington events many Americans are openly nostalgic for
the Rumsfeld-Cheney-Bush triangle.
Randy Shearer of Mississippi said, “Dick and Bush. They were great days
man. What I wouldn’t give for a bit of Bush now.”

Patti-Sue Edderton of Texas said,”Bush was our POTUS. There was nothing my
Bush could do to disappoint for a while there. Then I lost faith in Bush
around 2005 and now all I can think is how great the Whitehouse was when it
was full of Bush.”

Johno Williams told the Herald, “Trump often looks unkempt with his suits.
Bush was never like that. Bush had style.”