Dishy blonde TV historian Lucy Worsley Monday announced that she will be presenting a new 10 part series “The Entire History of Lucy Worsley”.

The new ground breaking series, which will air on BBC4 in the autumn, will cover the entire span of the Worslecene epoch from her spontaneous gestation in the history faculty of Reading University, through her meteoric rise to cutator of all royal palaces, everywhere, and some, to her current position as omnipresent TV expert on post medieval history, style
icon and post modern clothes horse.

“Most people think the Worslecene began in 2011 with “Elegance and Decadence: The Age of the Regency, and a figure hugging little red numberbut we’ll attempt to demonstrate that it began some decades before that with a series of frocks that continue to have resonance even today,” said Worsley in an interview with Rochdale Herald regency fashion supplement, “The Darcy Bustle”.

Worsley confirmed that in addition to her signature dresses to kill for, the new series will also showcase elements from her little known but increasingly popular third career as stand up comedienne, in particilar her fondness for ribald spoonerisms.

“Only last week I had a crowd at the Comic Strip in stitches telling them how the British Library had just “spected the strength of Jane Austen’s testicles”, she explained bemoaning that the crowd that night was unfortunately small meaning that many had hissed her mystery lecture, and were hence unaware of her fondness for Queen Victoria.

“They’ll need to tune in next autumn to hear me fight a lyre for the queer old dean,” she giggled.

However Worsley confirmed that the new series will be free of the gimicky bangs and whistles that have blighted much of the BBC’s recent historical output.

“Viewers can expect the usual parade of comely frocks, but trust me, there’s only room for one cunning stunt in this series,” she cautioned.