Ed Sheeran – like him or dislike him, it seems that nobody has particularly strong feelings about him either way, it would appear.

At a recent gig in London, ticket holders were photographed en masse in one of the most orderly queues ever witnessed – and this is Great Britain, where queueing is one of the national pastimes.

When asked what was causing such a polite queue, fans explained to the Rochdale Herald that they just weren’t sufficiently fussed about the singer to want to hurry up to take their places in the arena.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like him,” Emma Standing, 23, told a reporter, “but he’s not my favourite. There’s other singers I like more.”

Miss Standing is not alone in her lack of fanaticism. Isla Waite, 19, said, “yeah, he’s all right, but I don’t think I’d ever get that worked up about him.”

It has long been known that music sales figures don’t reflect the emotions of the people making the purchase. You could walk into a shop and excitedly buy an album you’ve been waiting weeks for, and it would be exactly the same thing in sales terms as someone buying the album because they heard a catchy single and feel like taking a chance, or someone else buying it just out of idle curiosity or because they like the cover design.

In the case of Mr Sheeran, it doesn’t look like there’s all that many sales in the former category.