After a week of violent plane evictions and shows of defiance at protests, Professor of History at Rochdale’s Community University, Polly Technic, said;

“Injustice has been around as long as mankind, but in recent years every instance is filmed on smart phones from every angle and then shared on social media, where it’s scutinised and shared by millions of other smart phone users, resulting in mass outrage before it’s ultimately satirised, then completely forgotten about.”

London Taxi driver, Barry Jones, who overheard our interview added;

“Pol’s right yeh know, I seen a bloke getting the shit kicked out of him in The Queen’s back in ’98. It was for thirty quid that wasn’t even his debt.”

After getting out of the taxi she added;

“It’s strange because there’s a direct correlation between injustice and outrage. The more outrage there is, the less instances there are of outrage causing events. Social media, is, ironically lowering levels of injustice. Let me continue if I may?”

She continued;

“Thank you.”

I smiled at her and gestured with my hand for her to carry on. She paused, then continued;

“Think about it. If every single point of injustice is shared then there aren’t actually that many of them. The doctor getting pulled off a plane, the woman staring down the protester, yes, these things happened quite close together but what before that? A few racists on the tube and a gorilla being shot. Historically far worse has happened! My theory is that people are far too busy being outraged by injustice on social media to
bother being nasty to one another anymore.”