David Cameron is to take the lead role in a remake of cult 80’s sci-fi film and TV show, Max Headroom sources close to the ex prime minister have confirmed.

Cameron, whose political career ended when he lost last year’s referendum on the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the European union, is reported to have been offered the role due to his unique resemblance to the faux computer generated VJ, played by an actor in a prosthetic mask and fibre glass suit.

Speaking to the Herald’s sister paper Hollywood Couchcaster, the source declined to comment on whether Cameron’s car-crash of a political career may also have played a part in his being offered the role.

The character of Max Headroom first appeared in a 1985 made for TV movie, “Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future” in which TV news reporter Edison Carter attempts to expose his own employers, Network 23, for corruptly utilising subliminal blip advertising.

Carter is killed in a collision with a low clearance sign labelled “MAX HEADROOM 2.3m”, but a subsequent brain scan allows him to be reborn as a pirate TV host “Max Headroom”.

The faux computer generated Headroom, actually actor Matt Frewer in a plastic suit, subsequently hosted a short lived Channel 4 music video show.

Hollywood insiders have commented on the remarkable similarity with Cameron’s own attempt to battle with evil Eurosceptics and Brexiters employing illegal voter profiling and fake news bots and his subsequent crashing out of politics first by resigning as prime minister and subsequently from parliament.

“We’re still waiting to see what he does next but given the comprehensive nature of his “crash and burn” we’d be surprised if he could make a comeback even as a wisecracking TV host in a plastic suit introducing endless Coldplay videos,” said one.

Cameron was recently spotted in the Abu Dhabi branch of upmarket Australian deli-cum-coffeeshop, Jones the Grocer hob nobbing with members of various Emirati Royal families.

A source close to Cameron was unable to confirm or deny to the Herald that he had been asking Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan if he could pass a hat round at Manchester City home games to raise funding for the planned Headroom film.

If successful Cameron’s film role would not be the first tie up between a former British conservative Prime Minister and a media property.

Suez crisis failure Sir Anthony Eden subsequently took a major film role standing to the left of James Dean in East Of Eden, and his successor Harold Macmillan and his spouse Lady Dorothy Cavendish held the lead roles in 70s US detective series Harold Macmillan and Wife.

While the BBC controversially named the predecessor to Radio 4, “The Home Service” after Macmillan’s successor Sir Alec Douglas Home.

Socialist prime ministers to have managed a level of post politicalartistic recognition, albeit with markedly less success.

Harold Wilson was reportedly unamused at being credited in the title of Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess’ autobiography “Little Wilson Meets
 Big God” while more recently Tony Blair was widely reported to be furious at not having been offered the title role in “The Blair Witch Project” – the film which claimed to tell the inside story of his fake weapons of mass destruction.

Blair was spared the ignominy of his successor “Gordon Brown, Texture Like Sun” who has, in a possibly unconscious reference to its creators, on at least one occasion been heard threatening to strangle someone humming the tune in his presence.