It’s been widely reported that the House of Lords struck a severe blow to British democracy last night.

The blow, sponsored by a rogue faction in the Labour Party, means that parliament is at risk of having input into the Brexit process.

All true British patriots understand only Theresa May and her ruling coalition of Conservatives and UKIP can guide Britain to the global future it is destined for.

Any barriers to total control of our democracy put in the way of 10 Downing Street risk dooming all British children to a future in which they may all learn another language along with pure British.

Worse still, they may eventually understand that Saint George is the patron saint of half the flipping countries on Earth.

This is a risk that must be avoided at all costs.

The very nature of queuing is at stake. And respectful queuing, especially at food banks, is a vital component of global Britain.

Jeremy Corbyn spoke to the press today to try and mollify the great British public.

“My comrades.” He began. And was arrested.

It’s believed the state is to appoint the next leader of the Labour Party in case the membership get it wrong and elect an individual with the crazed notion that the Leader of the opposition should consider representing the traitorous portion of the public who so misguidedly did not vote for Wrexit.

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