After Labour’s marginal win in Stoke and devastating Loss in Copeland by elections, Left wing Labour supporters are calling for reselection of the constituency.

Speaking to disappointed and angry Corbynistas, we got the following statements:

“At first I thought it was the New Labour rebels in the Parliamentary Labour Party MP’s that were working against the wishes of the membership.

After the Copeland by election it seems the real culprits are the local electorate… Reselection needs to happen immediately.”

“These people in Copeland that voted Tory are all right wing Blairites and Thatcherites, they oppose Corbyn and grassroots and by not voting for Labour it means the message of hope isn’t being heard at a parliamentary level.”

“These idiots in Copeland must love Austerity. I mean, they really must enjoy not having nice things and actually want nuclear power stations and weaponry. It’s like they don’t care about the working class at all. The bunch of under educated fools” said one angry Middle class Barista in Oxford.