Fans of popular football team Chelsea Albion were agog with joy today when the team went one point ahead of arch rivals Liverpool Wanderers in the Premier League, with only 6 months left in the season. 

Soccer commentators have already dismissed Wanderers chances of clawing back the massive lead from Albion in the next 6 months as “highly probable”.  For Albion fans it is particularly satisfying after the dramatic scenes last season when Wanderers went a point ahead for a few hours one Saturday, just before Albion played and then went back ahead themselves.

Albion fan Nigel Colinsson told the Herald, 

“Its fantastic, to be beating the red scum at this stage in the season when we’ve only got an awful lot of games to play.  Particularly after that time in 1978 when they beat us 1-0, and I think we all remember that.”

But Wanderers fan Colin Nigelsson was very positive about their chances, 

“We’ve done it before, come back from the brink like this. Like when they beat us 2-1 in 1956. We didn’t let it get us down and since then we’ve won a lot of matches against them, and they us.  One point seems like a massive gap but think if the lads put their heads down and battle on, then there’s no reason why we can’t be back at the top of the league by nex…oh we are already! Champiooooooons!”

Meanwhile, the rest of the country not possessed by immature tribalistic traits watched on in confusion as people continue to get worked up by and pay vast sums money to overgrown children for chasing a bag of wind around a field.