The irony mining industry in Rochdale, previously in serious decline, received a massive boost yesterday following the result of the US Presidential elections.

Irony is a rarity in the USA and is almost non-existent in certain areas. Highly sought after, top quality European irony commands a premium price. 

Rochdale’s irony mines produce some of the finest irony currently available on the globe – and the promise of a new trading relationship with the US means that the mines can now go back into full production, creating thousands of jobs.

Not only will the irony be packaged and shipped directly to irony-free zones in America, but there will also be opportunities for irony instructors to travel to the US to teach people how to use it. 

“The misuse of irony can be extremely dangerous…”, says irony magnate I.M.Kidding of the Amalgamated Irony Mines of Rochdale, “…so we will need to ensure that Americans can use our product safely without blowing their minds.”

A queue of unemployed irony miners has formed outside of the AIM (Rochdale) pit with all of them being promised full employment. “God bless Donald Trump!”, shouted one man, prompting cheers from many others. 

Irony mining, a traditional Rochdale industry, looks set to prosper over the next four years.