The Rochdale Herald has uncovered a secretive, unelected group of conspirators who control the destiny of the UK. 

The powerful group, known as ‘The Electorate’ decide on matters concerning the future of the United Kingdom, including the make-up of Parliament, the control of Local Government (including parish and county councils), Police and Crime Commissioners, the mayors of major conurbations and even decisions such as the future of the UK within Europe.

The Herald’s investigation has found:

* ‘The Electorate’ are not democratically elected and are accountable to no-one.

* They consist of people, many of whom have no qualifications to run the country.

* People who are openly gay, transsexuals, women who should know better, drug addicts, ex-convicts, people with mental illness and even undiscovered paedophiles are openly accepted into ‘The Electorate’ and  given full powers.

* Anonymity is ruthlessly enforced with people able to signify choices with a simple X rather than use their names.

* ‘The Electorate’ is even openly advertising for new members to join this powerful, secretive elite.

The Herald feels that this country has been at the mercy of this unelected, undemocratic group for far too long and calls upon the government to immediately ban ‘The Electorate’ and replace them with a democratically elected alternative, reflecting the wishes of the people of this country. 

We also call for a full public enquiry to find out who started ‘The Electorate’ and allowed them so much control of our proud country. Enough is enough! We are sick and tired of being dictated to by  unelected, unaccountable groups. ‘THE ELECTORATE’ MUST GO.

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