Donald Trump is said to be in a stable but critical condition this morning after being rushed to hospital suffering from self inflicted third degree burns to almost half of his body.

Fact checking website Politico said;

“It’s hardly surprising that Donald’s pants caught on fire at the debate last night. We checked and more than 50% of what he said was a complete lie, 45% of what he said was, if we’re charitable, half true and 5% was actually true. Trousers can’t deal with that kind of heat, we’re lucky nobody else got burned.”

It seems the fire started when Donald was asked what his position had been on the war in Iraq. Donald said he was against it. When the moderator Lester Holt had stopped laughing he said;

“The only time when you spoke publicly about the Iraq war was on Howard Stern’s radio show and you said you were in favour of it.”

To which Donald replied;


Unfortunately Mr Drumpf is expected to make a full recovery and is currently having skin grafted to his buttocks taken from his enormous ego.