The Electoral Reform Society has admitted they’ve lost the Collins Gem dictionary they had lying around the office a few weeks ago, making them unable to check the definition of the word “Lies”. This has lead them to use the term “misleading” rather a lot in their report on the EU referendum. 

“We believe there was a lot of barefaced misleading going on from both sides of the debate, such as it was. The sheer scale of these misleads was difficult for most people to comprehend, and did muddy the waters. The huge stonking great mislead about “Give the £350 Million to the NHS instead” being a prime example.”

When pushed on wether having a dictionary handy would have been a good idea when compiling a report like this, the ERS told us;

“We had the interns looking everywhere for it, but in the end went with our gut feelings about the wording and definitions. That and a letter from law firm Carter-Ruck telling us ‘be very fucking careful my pedigree chums’

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