It’s been a fairly typical week for Rochdale’s “MP” after he found himself at the centre of another embarrassing shit storm.

In another in a series of decisions Simon has lived to regret, which have included marrying the shameless self-publicist, prop forward and Les Dennis lookalike Karen Danczuk, he took her on holiday with him.

In a news week that included the story of Suraj Mahto who eloped with his mother-in-law and is living to regret it, a Danczuk family holiday on the Algarve seems like small beans.

A happier couple than the Danczuks

How they laughed on their way to the emergency room. Simon ended up in a prison cell on his way to an appearance in a court specialising in domestic violence and Karen got forty stitches.

We’d make it up, but we really don’t have to.