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Brits shocked that Brexit is getting the blame for everything

The whole of the United Kingdom are reeling from the revelation that the EU referendum has been responsible for every bad thing that has...

Earthlings stunned to learn the meaning of the word ‘Liberal’

Following Donald Trump's election, the entire population of Earth has completely forgotten how to use the word 'liberal'. Despite the word meaning someone who is...

Man thinks totalitarian measures the best way to honour war dead

A Bridlington man has outlined extreme measures by which people not wearing poppies on Remembrance Sunday should be punished. This includes being subjected to death...

Rochdale discovered to be genius hotspot

Online tests have revealed that the majority of Rochdale residents have above genius IQ levels with the town having an average score of 132. The...

Feminist nominated for comedy award they didn’t enter after Facebook tirade

Ipswich feminist Leigh Askew has been included on the shortlist for a new category at the British Comedy Awards. The inaugural Funniest Social Media Post...

Potential asylum seekers now to be meme tested

Following public outcry, The Home Office have announced new measures to establish the age of refugees.  Many Brits are shocked that someone who has had...


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