A Bridlington man has outlined extreme measures by which people not wearing poppies on Remembrance Sunday should be punished.

This includes being subjected to death camps and gas chambers to inform them of the acts we were fighting against.

Tony Jarvis, 57, who displays the same fascist tendencies that British troops were fighting against claims he feels physically sick when he sees people expressing the freedom of choice to not wear a poppy.

“It’s disrespectful to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our civil liberties” explained Jarvis without a hint of irony.

“They should all be packed off to Auschwitz and put in the gas chambers, that way they’ll know what we were up against. They didn’t die so all these leftie loonies and immigrants could do what they want.”

Bob Tower, a neighbour who has spent the spring months of the last two years dealing with Mr Jarvis’ complaints is less sympathetic to his cause.

“Oh, he’s an absolute nightmare.” claimed the 63-year-old accountant.

“He kept making a fuss about me displaying posters in my window supporting our local Green Party candidate and the bid to remain part of the EU. He claimed that as a patriotic Brit he shouldn’t have to see that ‘crap’ when he walks out of his door. He then made a big deal celebrating the result of each election by dancing and shouting outside my house.”

Mr Jarvis wears a poppy all year round and has a vast array Britain First poppies, which the Royal British Legion reject the proceeds of.

“I know the money doesn’t go to soldiers or veterans, but I think getting Paul Golding in as Prime Minister should be the priority. He’ll make sure they’re looked after.

“That said, it might be used to produce a video where some Muslims react to conveniently edited out provocation, which is just as good a cause.”