The whole of the United Kingdom are reeling from the revelation that the EU referendum has been responsible for every bad thing that has happened since last June.

Hindsight being 20/20 it is now clear to all that had we voted to remain part of the European Union, Sterling would have remained strong, Toblerones would be the same size, England would have won the European Championships and the latest series of Sherlock would have been enjoyable, or at least watchable.

Nine months ago it beggared belief that there could be any recourse in putting a contentious political & economical decision in the hands of an uninformed public who are generally without the political and economical knowledge required to make such a decision, rather than allow MPs – elected by the public to make political & economical decisions based on their political & economical knowledge – to do their jobs.

Given the events that have followed, a more suspicious person might assume that The Conservatives were well aware the country was fucked even before David Cameron won the 2015 General Election. I guess if you were inclined to think that way you might reason that Brexit was all smoke & mirrors and that whatever the result, it would still be used as a scapegoat for anything and everything.

Had that been the case, I’m sure the government would have paid a German printing company £16m for polarised, scaremongering leaflets as opposed to the unbiased factual information that we were provided.

I’m sure they’d have delayed putting a plan into place for each outcome and not bothered figuring out whether the result would be legally binding. They definitely would have denied the public the opportunity and responsibility to vote on other issues such as the ever increasing privatisation of public services, benefit cuts or tax relief for the wealthy if the result was unimportant.

Hang on a second. They did do all that didn’t they? Shit!