Online tests have revealed that the majority of Rochdale residents have above genius IQ levels with the town having an average score of 132.

The trend is thought to have been first noticed when 17-year-old Roxanne Stones took an IQ test on Facebook and was so impressed with her result of 128 that she shared it to her wall. Scores of 100 or above are considered genius.

“I thought it was, like, dead good at first, so I shared it, yeah” explained Miss Stones. “But then I saw Sally Jackson got 5 more points than me and, like, she used to eat her bogeys until, like, year 10, so it’s probably, like, a load of crap.”

Roxanne’s post was spotted by some friends who achieved similarly strong results, and likewise shared the results. This seemed to pique the attention of many Rochdale residents with 82% of 2,478 participants scoring above 120 points.

Colin Blunt, the headteacher of St. Jude’s school, who have the highest proportion of former attendees scoring genius results, told us they were looking into ways they can further maximise their students’ potential:

“We’ve noticed that most of our genius alumni are heavy Facebook users who have had their mobile phone confiscated at one time or another. In light of this we will be cancelling all homework and after school clubs indefinitely, whilst mobile phone use will be unrestricted, with the wifi password being made available to all students.”