Ipswich feminist Leigh Askew has been included on the shortlist for a new category at the British Comedy Awards.

The inaugural Funniest Social Media Post award has been included to reward those lesser known comedians who provide comic relief whilst scrolling through acquaintances gym updates, clickbait headlines and right wing news reports.

The rant, which takes place over several comments has been praised for its use of surrealism, irony and what panellist Courtney Fish explained “a trivialisation of the experiences of rape victims on a level that Frankie Boyle or Jimmy Carr could only dream of.”
The events took place on a news report about a male being convicted on a sexual abuse charge. “Leigh claimed that this case was evidence that males should not be allowed to undertake positions of authority.” explained Fish, 46.

“When a male countered the argument he was told that his opinion was invalid due to his gender, race and sexual orientation. Subsequent attempts to find reason were compared to rape, since he had ignored a request not to reply any further.”

“I’m sick of your MANSPLAINING!!!!!” ranted Askew in a manner reserved exclusively for males. “Typically this privileged, white, straight, cis-male thinks anyone who doesn’t share his views should be silenced, now he’s violating my boundaries and invading my safe space after being asked to leave. This is really rapey.”

A female also attempting to find reason was accused of being a “rape sympathiser” after providing a link to a similar case with a female assailant.

“The minority of rapists are women” continued the diatribe completely missing the point that the minority of men are rapists.

“I’m fighting for equality here and we can only achieve that through female leadership.”

Unemployed Askew, who was unavailable for comment, is up against six Harambe memes and Jack Jones getting a pizza shoved in his face.