Two Florida police officers have been found guilty of being racially prejudiced in a Facebook trial.

The damning evidence came when it was pointed out how the police officers had a different skin tone to their suspect which was determined to be the genuine reason for the interaction.

A video which was released yesterday documents how the two Caucasian officers had pulled over Amaris Ayala and were presented with her identification that showed her role as Florida State Attorney before they explained the reason for the stoppage. The entire event passed without incident.

Ms Ayala’s was requested to pull over after police – who were fully aware their every move was being recorded – noticed the dark tint on her windows and ran a check on her plates which found no result. These measures had been put in place to protect the identity of the State Attorney who agreed the stop was ‘consistent with Florida law’.

Some were a little more reluctant to agree, however, and the two officers have since been pulled over the coals on social media.

“It’s an outrage that these white police officers can go around questioning people with more legal authority than they do” claimed Jules Dolan, a civilian with less legal authority than the officers in question.

“So what if her windows were tinted beyond the legal limit and her plates found no matches on the police database? That is not enough to warrant stopping someone. It’s saddening in this day and age how people just can’t get over skin colour. They didn’t even have a device to measure the window tint. How can you pull someone over when you’re uncertain a crime has been committed?”

When it was remarked that a police officer would have to pull someone over to breathalyse them so they could prove a crime had been committed and that the tinted windows would have hampered the police’s ability to identify Ms Ayala’s skin tone, Dolan replied “What?”