The editor at the Daily Mail has allegedly defended his decision to only put two of the gold medalists from the four woman, world record breaking Team Pursuit team on the cover of the Daily Mail.

The front cover of The Daily Mail


“Well it’s obvious really isn’t it, most of our readers read the paper with their breakfast. We can’t put a bald woman, regardless of what a magnificent example of female athleticism and achievement she is, on the cover of The Daily Mail, people are eating.”

Joanna Rowsell Shand who has aloepecia, several world records, a gold medal and an MBE to her name was relegated by the Daily Mail to the back cover along with her pink haired compadré Katie Archibald.

The back cover of The Daily Mail


“Well erm, you know, it was, well, like err, you know, it was, well. Well Laura and Elinor are err…”, he is alleged to have mumbled.

Are what Daily Mail? More newsworthy? Have hair you approve of?

Fuck you Daily Mail. Fuck you.

Well done Joanna, Katie, Elinor and Laura you’ve made us all proud.

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Quentin D Fortesqueue is a founding editor of The Rochdale Herald. Part time amateur narcissist and full time satirist Quentin is never happier than when playing his lute and drinking a full bodied Bordeaux. He rarely plays the lute and never gets to drink Bordeaux.


  1. To the contrary; her baldness, if we see it at all rather than the talented and committed athlete she is, then surely it is encouragement to other alooecia sufferers or those choosing baldness to donate to cancer charities. The Mail is missing the point about medals for GREAT Britain. Duncan Goodhew?

  2. I cannot believe this day And age you have been allowed to say such an insensitive comment to someone who has represented her country ! You should be made to publicly apologise in the paper and make a generous donation to the charity if this ladies choice ! In fact I will petition it myself !

  3. This is not a lifestyle choice. This decision discriminates against the remaining two team members and detracts from sporting excellence and their achievement. A full apology for these remarks is needed, plus a generous donation to a charity of their choice.

  4. After losing a lit of my hair after the birth of my first son, I can’t see how this paper can be so cruel as so focus on what they see as normal and not not the effort of the whole team, I will never buy this paper again, I will also encourage everyone I know to do the same.

  5. How disgusting our papers are without giving a thought to these amazing athletes and just how hard they have worked to get to where they are.
    The Telegraph printed a picture on the front cover of just Tom Daley WITHOUT his 10m Synchro partner Dan Goodfellow …. and he HAS hair !!! what was their excuse?

  6. i think this is absolutely wrong it seems it is an act of total discrimination against women who have alopecia nothing is said if a man has this condition such as duncan goodhew, no one asks for this condition and the editor of the daily mail should read up about this condition and be more understanding of the condition and how it can effect people even with the smallest of comments

  7. Bald men, bald women – is there a difference? Would it have changed anything if Joanna had lost her hair due to chemotherapy? I can only hope the reason for omitting Joanna off the photograph along with her companion on the front page, was something other than Daily Mail ignorance. Seems hard to understand why the picture of the two on the front cover was used at all if all four were going on the back. Many competitors did well and would be worthy of a front page place. Mr Editor, there is no defense acceptable for your decision – you clearly have the hide of an elephant and will not care too much about others dismay, but doubtless karma will remember.

  8. Anyone who is disgusted by this attitude and is a Daily Mail reader will no longer buy their shameful paper….All of these young women are a credit to this country, not like the worm who made this decision…….

  9. Not only was Joanna left out but Kate Archibald (pink hair) who is a Scot, its well known in Scotland and probably much of England how much the Daily Mail detest Scots. We are used to them doing dirty sneaky things to put middle finger up at Scotland. Today the Daily Mail online had a photo of Andy Murray and in the text it stated Andy Murray from England. No one makes that kind of mistake unless it’s intentional to goad Scots. Andy is proud to play as part of GB but in the Daily Mail’s attempt to get at Scots, their contempt for Andy was evident, he is proud of his Scottish roots.

  10. It’s absolutely disgusting alopecia is caused by trauma and for her to overcome whatever caused it and excel and not only excel but get gold is absolutely fantastic and we’re all so proud of her and her teammates the photo is only half the team would that mean they only got half a gold medal!

  11. There is nothing out there in the media reporting on this? No competing papers and editors commenting? The name of the editor or who the reporter that the editor defended himself to? I would wait to rush to judgement. Pretty large back cover of all four so no one looks at the back cover when eating breakfast?

  12. This editor should hang their head in shame ! This beautiful woman should be praised for her determination and strength to face the world and raise awareness of the condition. A gold medalist in life as well as on the track.

  13. Is this for real????
    Where to start!
    Who cares? Until now I thought she simply chose to have her head shaven as a fashion statement.
    If she suffers from alopecia then all the more reason to have her in front page.
    What about fourth rider?
    And finally, she is a hugely talented, vivacious and beautiful young woman.

  14. My son has alopecia and he is beautiful with or without hair, although he chooses to wear a wig. He would never put me off my breakfast nor would anyone else with no hair. What about all the middle aged men with no hair – that doesn’t even put me off my breakfast!! just saying.

  15. So… the story is satirical and the quotea are made up. Has anybody considered that the photo is of two girls because of thw shape of the article, as only 2 would fit, and those particular women were chosen because they are in the middle?

  16. As my Granny would have said,”what do you expect from a pig but a grunt”. A disgusting discriminatory comment from a disgusting low life rag. It makes me ashamed of the quality of some parts of the British press. A wonderful achievement from our four heroines , well done.

  17. As a Daily Mail reader I am totally disgusted by your out dated views. Your readers are not morons. Well done to all the athletes those full of hair and those without. I will not be reading or purchasing this paper ever again.

  18. How disgusting of this paper to say things like that, but then again that’s why I’ve stopped buying this paper. Well done girls I for one could gladly eat my breakfast while looking at this beautiful bald lady you made me feel proud to have watched you all doing what you have done for the country and that’s putting the GREAT back in Britain BALD or not. Your loss daily mail.

  19. It’s really quite silly in this day and age to put this on what we once regularly recognised as the *World Wide Web* and assume everyone who sees this is going to recognize the name of even the Mail, let alone look at the title of this publication and instantly go ‘ah, yes, satire.’ English is a lingua franca among billions. Not everyone who sees it is going to get the nuances of one 60 million strong country. Don’t be precious, don’t blame others, just put a small label “satire” in the masthead and save yourself headache.

  20. All its disgusting and offensive to cut a photo and blame people are eating breakfast. Now correct the if I’m wrong but most men in the morning and read the sports page where all 4 athletes are pictured unless your blind your going to see all of them. But even if you started at the front page when you life up said paper to turn the page and read inside pages the person opposite you will get full photo while eating Thier breakfast. So your excuse for putting people of Thier breakfast utter crap

  21. He would soon have something to say if his sales rapidly dropped due to his prejudices! That man is rediculous! I would like to see him achieve as much as what those four girls do four our country! Well done girls, your country is proud of you!! Xx

  22. This is a nonsense story by a clearly anti-Mail news site: I read the Olympic coverage in the Mail and found nothing out out of order. Myself and I know others would swing to any story with JR featured as she is arguably the most inspirational of all the cyclists?

  23. Being a female having spent 14 years with alopecia, I know what she has been through. I know there will have been times of very low confidence and self esteem, but I also know that she will have found an inner strength and confidence through her experience. She is an inspiration to all, and people like her should be on the front of EVERY newspaper. She is exactly what the world needs.

  24. What a superficial shallow b*****d! No wonder women these days feel such pressure to look a certain way. She didn’t ask to have alopecia, it just happened to her. What an insensitive arsehole. We should be celebrating ALL FOUR girls acheivements as it was a TEAM effort. There’s no I in team d***head!!! The rest of the team must be cringing at your blatant discrimination. Shame on you Daily Mail. You are truly what I hate about this narrow minded world. ????????????

  25. I am closely aquainted with alopecia and know the quiet devastation it causes for those who are afflicted with it. There is no surprise that the Mail has chosen to act in this cruel and thoughtless way because the editor is devoid of decency or morality. The Mail disgusts me and it is my sincere hope that they lose readers through their crass, racist and cruel editorial decisions.

  26. Typical Daily Mail crap journalism, they do this sort of thing all the time, think to just get people to pass their crap storytelling along, and then everyone reacts like above, bet they thrive off all the posts………………just a bit from Dacre’s wiki profile :From his early experiences as an editor of a student newspaper, Dacre said in November 2008 he learned that “dull [content] doesn’t sell newspapers. Boring doesn’t pay the mortgage”, but also that “sensation sells papers” hahahaha and there you have straight from the mouth……………

  27. OMG you shoild be ashamed of yourself. Who are you to say what puts people of there breakfast. This is no diffrent than having a bold man in the paper. Are you also going to to do the same to a person who has had cancer and lost there hair, well shame on you. This lady has nust won gold for team gb and you are treating her like a leapor. Ive seen far worse a grose things in your paper. This youg lady deservs credit. She us beautiful. U owe her an apology for your actions. We all have flaws some you cant see, yours is that u have no heart. Shame on you.

  28. I stopped reading The Mail years ago because of its outdated attitudes to a lot of things. This is just another outdated view. ALL of our Olympians and Paralympians are heroes in my book!!

    Vote with you money and buy a different paper!

  29. What do you expect, from a newspaper ( British of course! ) The lying sleazebags of the world! ) Traumatising the innocent!….Think News of the World, The Sun, The Mirror etc….court cases, corruption, hacking…I had the misfortune to work for all of them in Fleet Street in the 70`s 80`s…..And don`t even mention the Star!!…Elvis alive on the moon etc…4 FT rats found in London ( John Bercow perhaps?)..or most politicians in general……

  30. I’m completely disgusted by this writer, but more so by the editor who allowed it to be published.

    You have obviously no understanding of the impact Alopecia has on people. This shows a lot more about your character than it does about the girl in the article. She has strength and courage that you will never understand or probably feel. I feel sorry for you that you think labelling it ‘satire’ makes it ok or acceptable that you have used this arrival to put someone down to make yourself feel big. I hope it worked for you, because it didn’t for probably every person reading this. Just sad..

  31. Totally disgusted! I have epilepsy but because it is an invisible illness I suppose the Daily Mail would put my photo on the front cover. I used to read & use Daily Mail online news software but will no longer!

  32. i know this is taking the piss out of the mail , the page is real and the comments by the editor are fabricated , and evry one is getting their backs up about it , but , in a shock move by me to defend the mail somewhat instead of doing what i normally do and join in the slagging off ,
    the right hand column of the mail is usually long and thin as shown all the time , the two in the middle are of the same height and right next to each other , while the two on the ends are taller … so with limited space a decision is made to crop the photo to fit the available space.. (it is after all , a leader column to intended to invite readers to pick it up and buy it to read the full story)… the two in the middle make the obvious choice , purely on composition alone (same height , and having seen the other photos , the outer two are having to bend over etc ) …. so while i , like most , hate the mail … in this case i will go with a poorly thought out editing decision rather than a deliberate move to alienate anyone . … but , if the two in the middle had been the taller ones ….. would anyone be complaining that they had edited the “norms” out of the picture and be accusing the very same paper of “political correctness” ? ……… its easy to hate the mail and to believe that this was deliberate , but i wouldnt credit them with that much thought about the whole thing. …… they are shit though

  33. Thank you Rochdale Herald that article, it made me chuckle, but some of the comments that did not get the satire had me roaring to the point I couldn’t breathe. Thank you commenters for brightening my morning.

  34. What a wonderful way to teach children that even adults get bullied and others are ignorant jerks! She’s a beautiful, talented, strong woman but because she doesn’t meet your standards you set all that aside and leave her out. Wow! Just WOW

  35. Mind you ‘quality’ newspapers such as the Manchester Grauniad are no better despite their constant harping on about equality. One of their stories on the lady cyclists was that one of the performance enhancing gains was to eliminate saddle sores by not shaving or having bikini waxes. But to a politically incorrect perv like me it just got me thinking. “Did they get Jo Rowsall a merkin?”