In a disastrous move for Boris Johnson, a member of climate protest group Extinction Rebellion have glued themselves to the newly negotiated Brexit deal.

White, dreadlocked protestor Fennel Mulberry-Moonstone aged 35 from Totnes is thought to have gained access to the deal following the removal of the so-called Irish backstop.

It is suspected they will now travel between the EU 27 allowing leaders to read the revised negotiation firmly attached to Mulberry-Moonstone’s buttocks with vegan glue.

Extinction Rebellion claim that this latest move is the only way to get the public to pay attention but it has been met with strong backlash from Brexit supporters who had gone up to 30 minutes without something to be angry about.

A spokesman for the ERG said, “This is typical of the hard left. Their talk of scientific facts and the impending destruction of our planet is just a distraction from important issues like blue passports and making sure I don’t have to declare my off-shore bank accounts.”

The activists plan future demonstrations including chaining themselves to Strictly Come Dancing and have a “die in” at the Bake Off final.