Popular TV star, the dark, brooding and enigmatic Ross Poldark has emerged as the main contender to lead a Government of National Unity as soon as a vote of no confidence is passed in Boris Warleggan.

Despite being a) Cornish b) from the 18th century and c) fictional, Poldark is viewed as a more realistic option than Jeremy Corbyn.

Politicians cite his recent firebrand speech in Parliament opposing slavery and his thwarting of a planned pre-Treaty invasion by the treacherous Frogs as examples of his balance between Snowflake liberalism and fierce patriotism.

“I would have complete confidence in Ross as a leader.” said Gloria Lushbody of St Austell “He is a passionate and good-hearted man and I have no doubt he could lead a Government of National Unity.

Preferably without a shirt on.”

Tin mine owners welcomed the prospect of Poldark as P.M. “It’d be ‘wheally’ good for the industry joked John Tregorran.