Prominent Conservative backbencher, Jacob Rees-Mogg has admitted to partaking in the eighteenth century pastime of inhaling ground tobacco, otherwise known as snuff.

The admission came after a leaked lithograph appeared to show the MP proudly holding a Victorian snuff box with a slightly askew tie.

Mr Rees-Mogg told the Rochdale Herald that he simple “dabbled at several galas and debutante balls” in his youth and deeply regretted the decision. He went on to explain “Nanny gave me quite the hiding, I can tell you. I was banned from reading the bible for a whole month.”

The admission arrived shortly after leadership hopeful, Michael Gove confessed to having “smelled cocaine” several times. This interview has sparked a number of Conservatives to come forward with their own drugs stories in an attempt to seem more human.

Andrea Leadsom has come clean about her love of magic mushrooms and Jeremy Hunt explained how he became addicted to opioids during his time as Health Secretary.

However the most shocking admission came from Mark Francois who took to Twitter this morning to boldly announce how he regularly shoots up black tar heroin directly into his urethra.

More confessions are expected with bookmakers offering 5/1 odds on Boris Johnson doing PCP.