People in Rochdale have been speaking of the shock at discovering HMV has collapsed again. Many thought it had gone bust years ago.

Stan Still told us, “I heard the news this morning. I was very surprised as I thought they’d gone bust years ago. You know, in the olden days when you still had to buy music on CD’s in shops and DVD’s were still a thing.”

Some readers have contacted us to tell us they think that the Government should step in to save “The People’s Entertainment Shop”.

One Bill Board told us, “There’s plenty of money to fund wars and give to immigrants but none to help save HMV. If it was Harrods that was closing they’d find the money for that.”

HMV worker Cliff Edge told us, “Perhaps if people like Bill actually shopped at the “people’s shop” then it would still be open.”

Professor Frederick Seddon of Rochdale Community University told us, “I feel sorry for workers and pub quiz organisers everywhere. Questions about the name of the HMV dog and what HMV stands for will become a thing of the past. They’ll have to fall back on questions like, what are Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger and Karol Józef Wojty and what is Mickey Mouse in Italian.”

“It’s a sad day.”