Records have been tumbling all week at the very first running of The Vegan Olympics taking place in Turkey.

The first big record smashed was by American athlete, Slim Jim Tomkins who successfully lifted both his arms directly above his own head on his 3rd and final attempt breaking his own previously record of just above his shoulders that he had held for 6 years.

Highlights so far included in the games are 27 year old Mavis Bradley, of Canada who, managed to wade through a child’s paddling pool in a fraction over two minutes and Dennis Smith of team GB who outlasted the entire field in the gold ribbon event of ‘Who can go longest without mentioning that they are a Vegan’, with a whopping 5 minutes and 23 seconds.

The newly launched Vegan Olympics has been designed to spread the word and show that the typical stereotypes about veganism just aren’t true. The organisers say that so far it has been a resounding success despite the tricky start when more than half the competitors were feeling a little too ill to take part.

The games will wrap up this weekend with a closing ceremony which will see Paul McCartney and Moby team up for a good old Vegan sing song. But fear not, there’s still time to catch some top sporting action before then with events such as ‘who can fit through the narrowest gap’ ‘standing up unassisted’ and the 4 x 4 carrot baton 10 metre relay.


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