There were angry reactions across the UK today after it was revealed that a popular ‘slutty Tommy Robinson’ Halloween costume has been outsold by a ‘slutty Anjem Choudary’ costume for the first time.

The figures, released by Amazon, showed that the revealing novelty outfit, which comes with a pair of halal-certified fishnet stockings and an oversized Anjem Choudary face mask, had sold approximately thirty percent better than a similar outfit depicting EDL-founder Robinson. Both outfits are manufactured by the Chinese-based company ‘CreepyFunTime’ and marketed as part of their ‘erotic hate preacher’ range.

Supporters of Robinson were outraged by the news, with many calling it “fake news” and others claiming it was further evidence of a globalist conspiracy led by liberal antichrist George Soros.

“How could anyone find that Muzzie terrorist sexier than our Tommy?” said 42-year-old gammon, Darren Fudd.

“Every time I see Tommy on the internet talking about grooming gangs I get stiffer than a flagpole, like every patriotic British male should. What sort of pervert wants to dress up like a piece of shit who stands on street corners spouting hate-filled rubbish to a bunch of brain-washed thugs?

“What? I’m talking about Choudary of course, who did you think I meant?”

Fudd’s wife and cousin, Sharon, 38, echoed his comments and said that their purchase of the ‘sexy Tommy’ outfit several years ago had done wonders for their marriage.

“I bought it for a joke at Halloween one year but Darren loved it so much that he now makes me wear it on special occasions, like birthdays, Christmas, or any time he manages to go a whole week without wetting the bed.  

“He makes me keep the mask on at all times, which I found a bit strange at first, though I love how wild he gets when I whisper the words ‘free speech’ in his ear and start calling him ‘Tommy’s brave little soldier’.”

Supporters of Choudary, who is due to be released from prison this month after serving just over two years for being a terrorism-supporting cuntbasket, condemned the outfit, calling it a ‘blasphemous insult’ to a man they revered for his uncompromising fundamentalist views.

“May Allah strike down the infidels who created this abomination and condemn them to burn in hellfire for all eternity,” said extremist cockwomble, Mohammed Anwar, 27. 

“I wouldn’t mind one for my wife though, do they do next-day delivery?” 

A spokesman for CreepyFunTime told the Herald that they were delighted that both costumes were selling so well and had started to design similar ‘sexy’ outfits based on other controversial characters, including Piers Morgan, Jeremy Corbyn, and Nigel Farage. 

“We draw the line at Katie Hopkins though,” he said, “we’re not fucking monsters.”