Letterboxes around the UK have stood by their remarks about the Boris Johnson after the Post Office chairman asked them to apologise.

There is broad cross party support for letterboxes who have been criticised by some elements in the loony goony right wing press for suggesting that Boris Johnson “looks like a right c*nt” and comparing him to “Donald Trump”

Women’s genitals have backed calls for letterboxes to withdraw their comparison, saying the remarks “clearly cause offence to c*nts”.

“Boris Johnson lacks the depth and warmth of a proper c*nt.” A vagina from Fanny Barks in County Durham told the Rochdale Herald.

“Cunts are generally pretty useful.” Commented a clitoris from Twatt on the Island of Orkney. “Letterboxes really should take that back.”

But a source close to Letterboxes said they “won’t be apologising”, adding it was “ridiculous” to attack their views.

“We must not fall into the trap of shutting down the debate on difficult issues,” the source added.