Questions have been asked as the BBC Springwatch poll to find Britain’s favourite wild animal was convincingly won by the weasel.

“I have to say it’s a bit of a shock” said presenter Christov Pakov. “Usually cute hedgehogs or badgers playing the victim card would have this in the bag.”

“We’d also expect the weasel vote to be split by otters and stoats. Not that anyone would consider voting for stoats.” added co-presenter Mikaela Strakovitch.

There have been suggestions that many of the 67.5 million votes recorded for the weasel emanated from a central Moscow government office. A senior Russian official, Vladimir Laska, commented “There is no truth in the rumours of Russian meddling and this was definitely not just practice for the American mid-term elections.

The Chief Weasel Wrangler at the South Yorkshire Weasel Sanctuary told us ‘Weasels are extremely intelligent, highly loyal, unbelievably agile, physically strong, and incredibly handsome creatures. We therefore very much doubt they could be used as a trial run to get American Republicans elected.”