Scientist have discovered that moaning about your problems to people is much easier than dealing them. Professor Abra Cadabra of the Universality of Rochdale concluded his 3 year study.

“In today’s fast paced and interconnected society, we don’t have time for all this shit.” Confirmed Prof. Cadabra.

“First it started off with long winded Facebook posts about the bitch or bastard that upset you. Rather than sitting and taking it out like adults, we need to whinge to people we sometimes haven’t met.”

As people’s lives got busier with more problems, the study found that posts social media became abbreviations such as ‘FFS’.

Now it is claimed that moaning has simmered down to a simple emoji, or checking in at A&E but not following up any ‘are you ok hun?’ questions.”

Prof. Cadabra also found that this phenomenon was also closely linked to the ‘can’t someone else do it’ movement.

“We all see pictures of problems in the community, town centres, and of those in a less fortunate position than us on the streets. No one actually does anything but slates the authorities off. Then they want kudos for bringing it up, or get defensive when someone asks what they’re doing to help.

I mean, it’s so much easier to post about your troubles, when queuing five hours to buy a cheap bear. And it’s nothing to do with you being cheap out your shit parenting skills that you’d subject your child to that, knowing full well how long the wait will be.”