Yesterday following a heated meeting over Brexit David Davis and Boris Johnson resigned from their positions as Minister for Brexit and Foreign Secretary respectively.

The quick succession of resignations from the Conservative cabinet has caused jubilation in left wing groups. The news is currently trending on social media with many posts on facebook and twitter likening the resignations to rats fleeing a sinking ship.

However, the comparison of Government officials to rodents has caused some upset

“How dare the left imply David Davis and Boris Johnson are rats, it’s down right disgraceful to compare those two men to vermin.” said Subject A12, a genetically modified lab rat.
“Speaking as an actual Rat, it’s utterly offensive to be likened to a disgusting Tory.”

“I have to deal with chemical testing day in and out and my ancestors actually had to flee sinking ships, so the thought of some spotty Corbynite besmirching our struggle by associating us with those pair of bumbling, inept quitters is just a insult too far.”

“Considering the left are supposed to be sensative to underrepresented groups, this stereotyping and boarderline cultural appropriation is severely damaging to the public image of vermin everywhere.”