VAR is now the favourite to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year. It marks a remarkable turnaround in VAR’s fortunes after spending the whole of the World Cup being derided by everyone, even people who have no interest in sport.

Alan Shearer said, “I’ve said all along that VAR is great for the game. I had my doubts at first but as the tournament has gone on then I’ve started to see its usefulness. It has nothing to do with Germany getting knocked out on a VAR decision. No, I’ve said since Euro ’96 that the game could benefit from VAR.”

Frank Lampard said, “It’s about time VAR was used. We’d have only lost 4-1 in South Africa had it been around then.”

Gary Lineker said, “I was a bit skeptical at first as some of the calls didn’t go the way they should. But, South Korea definitely deserved that goal and it’s good that they were awarded it. It’s nothing to do with Germany having been knocked out with it. My sudden support for it just happens to coincide with Germany going out.”

There have been calls for VAR to replace the Queen as Head of State for the UK. One punter said, “Imagine a UK State visit to Germany and VAR gets off the plane. That would be fantastic.”

However, many Scots aren’t so keen. One told us, “Aye, I’m yet to be convinced. If England get knocked out on a VAR decision then I’ll probably vote for it. Particularly, if it leads to France winning the whole competition.”

It’s understood that VAR faces some tough competition though. The many who provides clean bags of pee for Tour de France riders is expected to be one of the favourites.