Brexiteers have been quick to point out that a post-Brexit vote increase in racism was on the other bus.

Government clown Boris Johnson said, “This report is totally inaccurate and does a disservice to honest, hardworking Brexiteers. They voted out for reasons that are not to do with race. I saw no bus with an increase in racism on it.”

However, Mr Johnson later clarified, “Increased racism was on the other bus. The one I wasn’t associated with. Anyway, we need to get together with Europe in some sort of union but definitely not a customs union. When I’m Consul of the Republic I’ll heal the divisions of this country that are definitely not racist. I love the Queen by the way.”

In a response to a UN report that said that there has been a significant increase in racism since the vote, Brexiteer, Cliff Edge had this to say.

“I think we all know what’s going on here. This is a put up job by the Liberal Metropolitan elite to besmirch us. I didn’t vote Brexit because I’m racist. I wish the Polish people would go home and they’re white. I voted to stop unelected bureaucrats telling us what to do.

Just because some Ting Ting from Bongo Bongo land says I’m racist doesn’t mean I am.”
The report comes a day after the Leave EU campaign was fined £70,000 for attempting to subvert UK Democracy. And some Brexiteers are seeing a pattern.

Stan Still, “They’re trying to make out that we’re racist because they have no arguments left. There was no mention of the Government leaflets was there? They sent leaflets outlining their position which is obviously against UK Democracy but you don’t see them being fined for breaking the rules. Now they’ve lost that argument and they’ve fallen back on the old black privilege race card.”

We asked a Labour Spokesman about the findings but he just stood there, put his fingers in his ears and said, “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn.”