Following the news that Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a bouncing baby boy, speculation is rife regarding the name the House of Windsor will announce.

With an official announcement yet to be forthcoming, one bookmaker has already paid out on a long shot.

Prince Kevin.

Steve “Steve” Dickinson of Ladpower Bookmakers in Burnley told The Rochdale Herald “This one punter came into the shop last weekend before the National. He was proper plummy, like he had swallowed a silver spoon and had toffees stashed in his cheeks, not your typical Burnley lad, you know.

“Anyway, he was chatting to a few of the regulars then he just walked out. One of the boys said that the bloke had given him a hot tip on the Royal baby’s name and he wanted to put a tenner on it. When he said it was ‘Kevin’ I had to give him decent odds so he got 55-1.

“Now he’s told everyone and they all want to put a bet on so I closed the book and paid out. Better safe than sorry, I mean the fella was proper posh so he must know.”

The Herald has looked into the identity of the unknown ‘Royal’ who may or may not have been in Burnley last weekend but have, as yet, come up empty handed.

We do think that, if anyone will give you odds at this stage, a swift fiver on Kevin could pay for that weekend away you’ve been dreaming of.

But then again, it might not.