Mass confusion ensued at the London Marathon today, as London dwellers cast off their stony facades and began to talk to one another.

‘I started watching the Marathon and I don’t know what came over me’ said Georgia Williams, 34 from Camden. ‘I only went to see my mate, but next thing I knew I was whooping, cheering and telling all of the runners to keep going.’

‘At one point, I even had a chat to the people next to me about who I was supporting’ continued Georgia ‘At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do, but now the race is over, I actually feel quite uncomfortable about it’.

Sources have revealed that this bizarre occurrence happened all over the city as the race was taking place. Many experienced the rare phenomena of friendliness, but upon the race finishing, what followed was a universal feeling of shame and denial.

‘After the race finished I got on the tube to go home. The people who had been standing next to me were in the same carriage’ Georgia disclosed. ‘That’s when I know that whatever strange thing had happened to us was completely over. We all snapped back into our usual selves, by avoiding any kind of eye contact or conversation. I’m glad I’m back to my usual self, but I feel ashamed of what I did.’

Despite this, researchers have predicted that this rare occurrence is due to happen again in less than a months time, as two extremely rich people are to get married.

‘It seems that there’s only a few things that incite such a friendly reaction within city folk’ says researcher, Bill Barry. ‘Watching people suffer, street drinking and watching two people spend tax-payers money on a big party’.

It is suspected that all Londoners will now be bracing themselves for the next time they will have to talk to one another.