A local man has insisted that he doesn’t normally drink Strongbow Dark Fruit, but when it’s sunny outside ‘everybody does it’.

Usually opting for an IPA, Guinness or Craft Beer, rather than a fruity cider, Sean Champ, 28, stated that ‘when the sun’s out, choosing to drink a Strongbow Dark Fruit doesn’t mean that a fruity cider is your everyday drink of choice’.

He also added that ‘If anybody tells you that they don’t like a can of Strongbow Dark Fruit when they’re lying in the sun with the lads, speaker blasting, they’re a liar’.

However, a source from within Sean’s group of friends have confirmed that they have also seen him drink Strongbow Dark Fruit on other days, even when the sun hasn’t been out.
‘I’ve seen Sean drink Strongbow Dark Fruit loads of times’ said one of Sean’s close friends, Alan Digby.

‘In fact, I’m pretty sure he only drinks those pale ales to try and look cool in the pub.’ Alan continued, ‘I don’t think he knows a thing about beer. I know for a fact he’d rather order a sweet Strongbow Dark Fruit, but his pride won’t let him.’

Recent studies have shown that 70% of people in the pub won’t order an ‘uncool drink’; Sherry and Port were high on the list, but sweet ciders also made it into the top 10 ‘uncool drinks’.
Despite this, Sean still denies that he usually drinks sweet drinks at all.

‘Sweet, fruity ciders set my teeth on edge – they’re just not for me’ He said. ‘Plus, Strongbow is rancid. I would have chosen an IPA but they were out of stock. I PROMISE you’ll never see me drink cider any other time.’

After leaving the interview in the blaring sun, we can confirm that Sean was spotted later that evening buying a 12 pack of Strawberry and Lime Rekorderlig before going on a night out.