As sick of him as the rest of the world. Nigel Farage’s Shadow packs its bags and leaves the prick. 

After a lifetime together Nigel Farage and his shadow are splitting up. Farage’s shadow was done following around such a self-obsessed loser. The Shadow hopes to find someone less soul-crushing to follow around. 

There have been reports of tension between the two. Over the past couple of weeks, the couple has been spotted arguing in public. 

An eyewitness of the unusual split said this-“The Shadow just started yelling at Nigel. It said how he never listens and he just cares about himself” The Shadow reportedly then stormed off giving Nigel the finger. 

It is quite odd for a shadow to leave a person.Although, not surprising as Farage and his shadow don’t agree on most topics including Brexit. Nigel Farage has mentioned he would like a new shadow but one that is lighter in color.

Farage’s Shadow is going to take a short holiday in Spain. When it returns, it will decide what it will do next in life.