Radiohead have settled their claims that Remain voters have stolen all the moaning and whining directly from their back catalogue.

Immediately after bringing an end to their saga involving Lana Del Rey, the former decent band were back in court sorting out similarities between their ‘songs’ and a neve rending whine from steadfast Remoaners.

Leading Brexiter and unsufferable arse, Sir Jacob Jacobson-Jacobson, said, “The horrific noise output still coming from the Remain camp has matched exactly Thom Yorke’s singing in the vast majority of Radiohead’s back catalogue. More specifically, all that stuff after ‘OK Computer’ that is borderline unlistenable.

“The Remoaners appear to even have the muffle effect that Yorke generated specially for the remainder of this career by lodging his head firmly up his backside.

“This is a victory for common sense.  And shows that banging on about something for eternity will never prevail, regardless of how very much they are correct and how the whole vote was a shambles of a democratic process anyway.”

After a court decided that the unlistenable noise from both was literally the same horrendous sound, the two parties settled out of court.

However, the Remoaners kept going on and on about it, with a Radiohead press release saying simply: “You lost. Get over it.”