A recent poll has revealed that this once loved insult has seen a sudden decline in use, and could be completely extinct by the year 2025.

For years, the simple hand gesture was a staple of both offices and playgrounds right across the UK, but unfortunately it has become so rare that only 56 cases were reported during the whole of July this year – a 36% drop from 2016.

The findings also reveal that the number of actual knob-heads has increased dramatically in recent years, thanks to LinkedIn and Brexit, but the knob-head gesture simply hasn’t kept up with demand.

Professor Dan Tunnicliffe of Cambridge University told us, “The knob-head gesture is an important part of British culture, and if we don’t do something about its decline soon, our children and grandchildren will never know the pleasure of raising a hand to their head and giving 2 or 3 tugs on an invisible cock.”

However, it might not be the end of this beloved gesture, with many heritage groups currently looking for ways to reintroduce it back into everyday use.

They are urging people to make a conscious effort to call their friends and family nob-heads at least once a day, rather than flicking the Vs or doing the ordinary wanker sign. If you’d like to help, you can also donate at gofundme.com/nobhead