Colonists on the Terraforming, research and mining colony Hadley’s Hope have discovered what appears to be a large amount of Easter eggs in a strange abandoned space ship.

Prospectors Russ and Anne Jordan made the discovery of Easter eggs whilst exploring an abandoned ship on the moon Archeron, designated LV-426.

“We found this huge ship in previously unexplored coordinates, I asked Russ whether we should we call it in, but Russ said we should wait until we know what to call it in as” said Anne.

“Mhuurhhubbbllll” Mumbled Russ, who’s voice was obscured by some sort of large spider like creature hugging his face.

It is estimated that there will be at least one egg for each of the 158 colonists, meaning that every resident of Hadley’s Hope will have a very happy Easter.

Excited six year old Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jordan said “My mommy always said there was no Easter Bunny, no real ones, but there is!”

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