In a bid to allay concerns that the name change from National Front to National Rally will dilute the purity of the party, Marine Le Pen has moved to reassure members that they are still ‘massive twats’.

Speaking at the end of a conference that saw huge bellend Steve Bannon provide a keynote address designed to ensure no one mistook him for a sentient compassionate human being, Ms Le Pen made the annoucement of the rebranding.

“Fear not”, she said, “We chose the word Rally carefully to invoke memories of the great events held at Nuremberg.”

She continued “Although the name National Front is associated with a glorious and epic history, now our name will be forever associated with the glory of the Third Reich!”

With her right arm visibly twitching the daughter of the Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was convicted of comtesting crimes against humanity, ended the speech with “For too long voters have been unsure of us and this will help them get over that psychological barrier.”

“Now, with this new branding, it is clear to all French people that we are the only party in all of France that are massive utter twats”.